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How can I make this summer count?

Schools are winding down and students and teachers both are looking forward to a reprieve! Though some may appreciate the stop to routine for a bit, for others the complete lack of schedule causes anxiety to rise. We hear about bucket lists, being the “yes” parent, and how we only have so many summers left with our kids. All of that may lead you to feel the pressure to make the most of the summer ahead – and with that pressure comes anxiety.

Whenever I feel that anxiety rising in me, I know it’s rooted in expectations that I’ve placed on myself. And when I can root out those expectations and replace them with intentional moments, the days seem more manageable and enjoyable.

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how to fight that anxiety

So, instead of setting a bucket list that I feel pressured to complete, I’m looking at ways I can be intentional with my kids this summer. Small ways of being intentional in different areas of life that can make this summer purposeful and refreshing for our spirits. I’ve created a free resource gathered from the last 16 summers with our children.

I tend to lean more towards routine and structure and struggle with being the “fun” mom. But taking small moments at a time has helped me be in the moment with our kids and also to make the most of the summer in front of us.

This free resource is meant to help spark some ideas for your own summer as well.

a guide to help you make the most of your summer with your kids

always start with prayer

As you are looking toward the start of summer, take some time in prayer. Seek the Lord’s guidance when it comes to how you will spend your days. Some of it may already be planned out for you like vacations, jobs, kids’ sports and camps, and time in the sun. But if you’re wanting to make the most of this summer for God’s glory, it’s most likely the small moments in between that will count as well. Don’t let this make you feel anxious. Instead, sit in quiet and breathe this prayer:

Father, You have purposed this summer for a time of reconnection and restoration. Open my eyes to your goodness and the opportunities to make this season reflect your glory.

Here’s a free resource for you!

Download the Intentional Summer guide, read through the pages, and then fill out your own ideas for being intentional with this season God has given you!

with intention, Nichole
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  1. What a great way to make the most of your Summer! Enjoy the beautiful weather ☀️

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