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Overcome Anxiety

one small, intentional moment at a time

I used to believe anxiety was a life sentence from whose shackles I would never be free. Now I know what freedom feels like!

You can learn to live in freedom too!

Hey there, Friend!

I’m Nichole Suvar, an intentional-living strategist and a fellow anxiety warrior. Through my books, devotions, podcast, and speaking, I help women identify the sources of their anxiety and move from being chronically overwhelmed, rushing, and purposeless to grounded, focused, and FULL of purpose.

The pain (and shame) of anxiety is real. I know. But did you know that building a life of small, intentional moments actually has the power to combat anxiety? It’s true!

Here’s the big secret: anxiety is not a curse to be endured but a blessing to be embraced – it’s the very thing that can draw you closer to Jesus. 

I can’t wait to journey with you!

You might be a WORRIER, but you’re also a WARRIOR!

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Worry is a natural part of life…

but what do you do when worry overwhelms you?

When anxiety strikes, find out what you’re actually doing right 

PLUS get the extra support you need.

Chances are, you are coping better than you give yourself credit for AND there are other small, intentional steps you can start taking today that will support you in moving through those anxious moments.

Take the Worrier to Warrior Quiz to learn your type.  

Plus get my FREE Warrior Manifesto.

What women like you are saying…

“Nichole’s weekly emails have helped keep me grounded. I appreciate these weekly reminders to follow God’s plan instead of my own.”

 – Lisa Y.

“The Intentional Life has opened my eyes to become more aware of the possibilities in my own life. I am often overwhelmed with anxiety and Nichole’s words encourage me and give me hope that I can overcome this struggle.”

 – Amanda W.

I love getting the weekly emails in my inbox! Reading them helps me to stop and think about how I’m operating, and what I can do differently instead of just going with the crazy flow of life.” 

– Mary B.

Are you ready to combat anxiety in the power of small intentional moments?

Then you’re ready for Numbering Our Days!

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Because small moments, day by day, add up to an intentional life.

With short devotions and practical application, this book will help you to: 

  • Pause the cycle of mindless living.
  • Move out of maintenance mode and away from the spiral of anxiety.
  • Reflect on your purpose and hope through Scripture.
  • Take action to combat anxiety and start living intentionally…

one moment at a time. 
Anxiety doesn’t have to define you. It can be what brings you back to Jesus and a life that glorifies and points others to Him one step at a time!

Get the support you need.


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Connect your purpose of daily life to the hope of eternity.

You don’t have to stay stuck in your anxiety or overwhelm. You can live a beautiful life of intention and purpose.

I’m here to help.

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