Recognize, Reconnect, Refocus Sticker


2″x 2″ gloss sticker. Printed by Canva, Created and shipped by the author

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In Nichole’s book, Number Our Days, there are 3 questions asked surrounding the words Recognize, Reconnect, and Refocus.

Place this sticker on your water bottle, journal, laptop, or any place that you can come across it often. May it be a reminder that you were placed on this earth for a reason and as long as our Creator gives you breath, you have a life that can be lived for Him and bring Him glory – in big or small ways you can make it count.

Psalm 90:12 speaks the prayer – “Teach us to number our days so that we may have a heart of wisdom.”

A heart that is turned towards God and recognizes the gift of the certain number of days that we have, is a heart that rests in our Creator and trusts that His plan for the days we have is best. Seeking an intentional life is a place where an anxious heart can rest. 



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