We could learn something from this guy…


There was this guy who had a decent house, nice car, and a fridge full of food. He knew people who had more than him, but he knew a lot more people who had less.

Due to a well-timed investment he suddenly saw himself with a windfall of money. He had so much he didn’t even know what to do with it. So, he decided he needed to buy a better car, build a bigger house, and trick out his kitchen with one of those double sided fridges just because he could.

He was thrilled. He had a huge place to entertain, a sweet ride, and a fancy kitchen where his hired catering staff could create grand feasts for him. He thought, “This is it! I have made it! Now to sit back and enjoy life.”

Unfortunately, that night he died of heart failure.

If this story sounds familiar, it’s because you may have read it before. It’s found in Luke’s gospel, chapter 12, just modernized a bit.

If you think you are no where close to where this rich young man was in life, then pause to consider the warning that Jesus gives right before this parable:

“Watch out! Be on your guard against all kinds of greed; life does not consist in an abundance of possessions.”

Now that is something we can all relate to. When have we been given more than what we need and instead of passing on the excess, held on to it instead, saving it for later, or squandering it on the latest thrill? When have we participated in retail therapy or been surprised by an Amazon package that we had forgotten we had ordered during some spending spree?

As Christ followers we have been called to bless because we have been blessed. We are to be aqueducts for His blessings, not bowls to be filled up with no outflow. Where can you be more intentional with the overflow you’ve been given? Where can you be more intentional with how you spend your money so that it is helping someone other than just yourself?

I write this from the own conviction of my heart. We are called to be generous. But generosity often looks like sacrifice and trust. It’s being willing to give up something we want to keep and trusting that God will fill the void. This takes prayer and a humble heart. Will you join me this week in looking at your own spending and saving habits and look for ways to be the giver that God has called us to be? Speaking from past experience, when we give from a place of sacrifice, God always shows up to provide. My prayer is that you will see the power of His provision in your own life as well.

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