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Your life can have great purpose & meaning.

Sometimes you just need a little help…


You were made to do more than just exist.

Snag my FREE Intentional Heart Guide to go from feeling unfocused and aimless to confident and aligned – one intentional decision at a time. 


✓ You feel like something is missing in your life.

✓ You go through your day in a haze of anxiety or discouragement.

✓ Your life feels unfocused or misaligned with your true priorities.

✓ You long to make the most of your one beautiful life.

✓ You want to honor God with every moment of your day.

You can’t expect to live a life of purpose if your mindset and actions fail to align. Get the simple and practical steps you need to live each day intentionally, one small moment at a time.

Hey friend!

I’m Nichole Suvar, an intentional-living specialist and anxiety warrior. Through my books, devotions, and speaking, I help women identify the sources of their anxiety and move from being chronically overwhelmed, rushing, and purposeless to grounded, focused, and FULL of purpose.

One intentional moment at a time. 

I can’t wait to support you with my Intentional Heart Guide. And if you need anything else? Please reach out! I’d love to hear your heart (and your struggles). You can contact me here

On the journey with you,


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