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3 simple steps to a calmer mind, body, and soul

How we handle our thoughts is important to how we handle our anxiety. But equally so is our ability to communicate between our mind and our body. Our mind may believe that we are safe, but our body may not have received the message. Such was the instance for me in the kitchen that evening. I knew I was safe and there was nothing to worry about, but my body hadn't gotten the memo.

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You Can Have Victory in the Wilderness

We live in a world of excess. We buy food we never consume, we have an ever-present box getting filled for the thrift store, and our trash cans on collection day are overflowing. We have so much, we can’t possibly hold on to it all. We also live in a world of speed. Our food is quick, our cars are speedy, and our days move so fast that they start to blur together. These two things together, excess and fast, leads to a life that leaves us feeling empty and exhausted. But there is a way to counteract what the world is telling us to do.

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Settling in and putting down roots

Whenever our lives feel like we are striving and exhausted and untethered, we need to ask ourselves what part of our soul is longing for Eden. Humans were first intended to live in the garden, settled and surrounded by God’s presence. And our soul, whether we are aware of it or not, is trying to get back to the garden. We all long for our souls to nuakh in Eden.

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For the times when life feels weary

Every Christmas season it seems that a different song ministers to my heart. And each year it's something I hang on to for the Christmas season, using it to help me keep focus and even learn a different perspective on this season that we think we all know so well by now.