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How do I start being intentional?

connecting our calling to our purpose

You were placed on this earth for a certain number of days. Time is precious, and you don’t want to waste it. You desire a life that has meaning and purpose. But your day is filled with dishes, laundry, carpooling, the nine to five, texts to respond to, soccer practice, and bedtime routines. You say you want a
life that matters, but how do you do that in the middle of … life?

With so many areas of everyday life in maintenance mode, there isn’t a lot of growth or improvement. And it’s not because you don’t want it, but with the rush of life, it often gets set to the side for another day. When this becomes our existence, day after day, we will find that we have lived a series of months, even years, unintentionally.

stop the cycle of mindless living

How can one stop the cycle of mindless living? How do we start to live each day intentionally? We start small. We look for purpose in the small moments of living and seek Jesus in the center of each of them.

This free resource has been created for you – to help you pinpoint areas in your life that you tend to let stay in maintenance mode and to help you move past mindless living to intentional practices.

The Intentional Heart devotion can be completed on your own – or with a friend! Send them the link to this post and ask for them to do this with you. We are always stronger, and more able to stick to our goals, when someone is holding us accountable.

start with a small step of intention

Once you’ve chosen to be more intentional with your days, what is the next step you can take?

We can often fool ourselves into thinking that the everyday life of caring for family, friends, and self can distract us from a life of purpose. But if we approach each of these events with intention, they can become part of the purpose.

This sounds ideal, rising in the morning with God being the first thought, walking through our day with purpose, and seeing our work mean something. If we live this life with an eternal mindset, knowing we have been placed here for the purpose of furthering God’s kingdom, not our own, then we become more focused, more intentional, and less desirous to spend most of our time on trivial pursuits.

are you ready to start living intentionally?

Connect your purpose of daily life to the hope of eternity.

The best place to start is with the heart. Click the link below to get your free download of the short devotional: Intentional Heart.

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