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Exhausted from all the work?

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have you tried letting the ground rest?

I’m a doer. It’s hard for me to just sit down and relax when I know there is still things that need to get done. Goodness, it’s hard to sit down even when I think everything IS done because I’m sure that there is something I’ve forgotten to do! Does this sound like you? Are you exhausted from all the work?

This bleeds over into every corner of my life – my writing, my 9-5 job, my home, my parenting. This maybe leads to a lot of things getting checked off the list. But it also leads to self-sufficiency and burn-out.

Because the truth is that we weren’t designed to keep moving and doing all the time. And we weren’t designed to carry it all on our shoulders, either.

Are you weary from the doing? Do you find yourself to a new work week still in exhaustion from the last one? Are you dragging yourself through the day with the internal pep talk that if you just work a little harder or check one more thing off your list then you’ll allow yourself rest?

Farmers purposely rotate the fields that they plant in. Some years they let a whole field go to seed. They don’t till, fertilize, or harvest the ground. They let the ground rest.

Letting the ground rest is an ancient practice written about in scripture. God commanded His children to let entire fields go for a whole year. It helped the ground to rest but it also helped the Israelites see that they shouldn’t rely solely on themselves to produce and provide – they need to rely on God.

If you are weary from the doing then I encourage you to let the ground rest.

Let’s choose rest when we feel like we need to keep producing in order to be worthy. This pull to feel accomplished is rooted in the fact that we don’t believe God’s good plan and that we need to keep working because we don’t think He is.

The truth is that He works all things for good, holds it all together, and is working even when we’re not.

God, give us grace to set down our tools, rest in Your goodness, and trust Your provision.

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