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When every thought seems to control you and steals your joy

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do you believe everything you think?

Just like the heart can sway and dictate our feelings, our thoughts can direct our actions. The words we speak, the people we avoid, and even the psychosomatic reactions of our own bodies. A few years ago, I hung a phrase up in a prominent spot in our home so that the whole family could be reminded regularly: “Don’t believe everything you think.”

Think back on a time in your life when you made yourself anxious over something because of what you thought, not necessarily because of what was actually true. You assumed something about a person, an event, or even yourself, and soon you started treating that assumption as truth. This holds true in so many aspects of life: at work, in our personal lives, and even in relationships with those not so close. We can build up many scenarios in our minds.

What thoughts are you holding on to that you are believing simply because you are thinking them?

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