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Can we skip to the good part?

Are you struggling right now and finding yourself asking “Can we just skip to the good part?”

Seasons of illness, poor relationships, hard parenting, tough jobs, dark mental health – the list goes on.

Sure, the easy route would be to skip to the good part, get past all this angst, and finally feel like things are good.

But what if you are in a good part right now and don’t even realize it? What if it’s all about perspective? What if, with some supports in place – like counseling, medication, and resources – you could start finding the good part right now?

a collage of pictures from my life with depression

This collage of pictures is from a time of my life when I was struggling with depression and no one had any idea. I was in the middle of trips to Europe and Africa, family vacations, getting to hold a newborn niece and nephew, 3 healthy children, and a body able to run marathons. I was in the middle of what would appear to be a good part and I was crying out to find it.

Maybe you’re in one of those places, too.

What I would like to tell that younger self in these pictures is that even though there are some bad parts going on right now, there are some really good parts. Look for those. And seek help. Find someone you can trust. Tell the ones that love you because if they really love you they will walk beside you in it.

Friend, find the good part and grasp onto it with 2 hands. The hard part may still be happening, but it’s making you a stronger person and making those good parts much sweeter.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month – please spread this message so that those who are silently struggling will no longer struggle alone.

resources to help you deal with the anxiety in your life
with intention, Nichole

Can we skip to the good part?

If you are struggling with thoughts of suicide, please don’t struggle alone. Call 988 for the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline. You can also visit their website below.

More of a texter? If you live in the United States you can text the number 494949 and have an anonymous conversation with a SoulMedic directly from your mobile phone.

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