a house on a hill under gray clouds
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What is so good about Friday?

the hope we have from the worst weekend ever

Why do we call it Good Friday? That awful, terrible day. Full of pain, blood, and undeserving death. From a human perspective, it’s not good at all. 

a house on a hill under gray clouds

But from the perspective of our soul, we know the goodness it holds.

​I smile (maybe, smirk?) at the thought that Satan thought he had won. He thought that death had defeated the One True God. And for the next several hours, I’m sure he reveled in that.

And then there is Saturday, that day between death… and life. We have the privilege of knowing what Sunday holds, but can you imagine the hopelessness?! The complete destruction of dreams and what Jesus’ followers thought was supposed to happen…. and then didn’t? ​On the Sunday previous they thought their King was finally coming to reign, only to see Him hung on a cross just days later.

I’m thankful we serve a God that has things under control, even when my simple mind doesn’t understand the process or the why. 

Because a God that is small enough to be understood by us wouldn’t be big enough to handle all our needs. 

​Maybe you’re in the middle of something that seems out of control, your dreams are falling apart, and your year isn’t turning out quite how you pictured. Just like that Saturday long ago, hold on – there is hope.

We have this promise, that He works out ALL things for good. God has a plan, and no doubt it’s good.

You may be feeling the despair of Friday and Saturday, but hold on…Sunday is coming.

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