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What if we chose discomfort?

What if we chose discomfort?

You can do it.
Almost there. One step in front of the other.
Eyes up, don’t look down.

This was my inner monologue to myself this morning as I trundled through 2 miles on the treadmill. From the moment I started running this morning, I thought about being done. I appreciate the feeling of accomplishment afterwards, but during the whole thing I have got to keep telling myself to keep going and finish.

Maybe it’s not running for you, but you can relate in your own life with something tough and having to keep reminding yourself to push through.

Why? Why is it such a mental and physical battle?

Because we are prone for comfort. Humans like the easy route, if at all possible. It’s what drives invention – everything we create, if you look at the core, is to make life easier, take less time doing it, and make us comfortable.

But here’s the rub: if we spend our whole life seeking comfort, desiring to remain in comfort, and making no effort to step outside of it, then when something difficult comes, we have no past experience to pull from. We are left floundering. We’re soft and cushy, and easily trampled.

We have no stamina for discomfort.

What in your life are you avoiding because it would make you uncomfortable? Maybe it’s a certain doctor appointment you need to schedule. Perhaps that pair of running shoes in the corner collecting dust. Or a hard conversation that needs to happen. And maybe, ugh, a diet change.

What if, this week, we sought out something that made us uncomfortable? What if we routinely built discomfort into our lives?

Some of you may already be full of discomfort and this sounds like a load of bunk. This may be your season of looking for those pockets of comfort and relief.

But if you think through your day and see that you are moving from one comfortable thing to another, then maybe it’s time to stretch a little. Growth rarely comes when you bask in comfort. Discomfort calls for mental endurance and brings us closer to our true Comforter.

This week let’s take a fast from easy, choose to embrace discomfort, and see what God can do with our choice to say ‘yes’ to the hard path.

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